Dispute Resolution


Competition is a developing area of law in the Kingdom. The Saudi government has taken the initiative of regulating anti-competitive practices in order to ensure fair competition and more importantly the protection of consumers. The General Authority for Competition was formed to ensure that fair market practices were being adopted.

Companies with large market share are under constant scrutiny to ensure that they are compliant with fair market practices. We have assisted a number of clients during investigations and proceeding brought by the General Authority for Competition. Our litigation team was involved in the initial claims which were brought by the General Authority for Competition against a number of companies in the Kingdom over the last decade.

Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Cover Up

We have assisted clients during a number of high-profile investigations and proceedings. We know the law and will understand our clients’ position from the onset. This will allow us to take a no-nonsense approach to safeguarding our clients in order to protect their name and reputation.

Construction Disputes

Our experience in construction work is fully rounded with significant matters representing owners, developers, contractors, and sub-contractors throughout the construction cycle: procurement, contracting, claim assessments, and disputes. Our bilingual team brings a unique mix of legal, practical, and market experience to both private and public construction projects in support of our clients’ work.

Real Estate Disputes

Our litigation team has a wide range of experience in high value real estate litigation on various issues including development disputes, insolvency, rights over property and ownership issues. We have assisted both landlords and tenants in disputes surrounding complex commercial lease agreements and arrangements.

Commercial Disputes

We are client oriented and design our approach to dispute resolution accordingly. Whether regarding issues of shareholders disputes, ownership rights, agency, distributorship matters or otherwise, our priority is to work closely with the client to determine the optimum solutions and achieve the most favourable financial and reputational outcome. We guide clients through negotiations and seek out of court settlement, however when necessary we are on hand to provide strong litigation strategy and pursue a favourable award.

Insolvency Proceedings

A new Bankruptcy Law has been enacted in the Kingdom. Insolvency proceedings are quite complex and it is rare for clients to come across them. This makes it imperative to have the advice of a seasoned litigation team to steer clients through what may appear to be unchartered waters.

Maritime and Shipping Disputes

Jeddah has been a strategic port for centuries and is the largest port on the Red Sea today. As the second largest city in Saudi Arabia and hub of commerce, much of the goods imported to the Kingdom enter through Jeddah’s port.​

With Jeddah’s rich maritime history and the constant flow of goods through its port, we are proud to have been involved over the years in a number of various contentious areas and disputes throughout the Kingdom. We understand the complexities of shipping contracts and the various issues that can arise. As such, we have represented clients in various disputes where we have acted for ship-owners, charterers and cargo owners.

Insurance Disputes

Our experience assisting insurance companies includes policy drafting and review to ensure enforceability in the Saudi courts. Moreover, we have experience in dispute resolution for commercial insurance, including, maritime insurance claims.

Administrative Proceedings

We have significant experience in successfully handling a variety of claims against the executive branch of government where a party has been aggrieved by an executive decision. Claims in this regard are generally lodged with the Administrative Court. Administrative law is complex body of law and jurisprudence where litigation will require sound advice from the onset of case assessment. Our litigation team has been successful in obtaining compensation for our clients where they have been aggrieved by a decision of the executive branch as well as reversing the decision to their favour. During such litigation, the stakes will be high for our clients and we understand that they will only have one shot. We make it count.

Tax & Zakat Disputes

With the development of new tax regulations in the Kingdom, companies must ensure they are constantly compliant with the changing regulations. Our team has experience successfully challenging fines and decisions of the General Authority for Zakat and Tax (GAZT).

Employment Disputes

Our team has experience representing parties before labour courts and mediating for settlement. The team has advised employers on various contentious employee issues that may arise from dismissal, misappropriation of funds, work related accidents and conducting internal investigations.

Intellectual Property Disputes

We have experience in dispute resolution of intellectual property claims including copyrights, designs and patents. Whether it is an author seeking protection of their rights, or an industrial company protecting its technical designs, our team has experience in litigating these claims in the Saudi courts and understands the technical challenges that such claims bring to litigation.

Inheritance Disputes

Although we acknowledge that it is inevitable in some instances to avoid these disputes from reaching court, we understand that going to court may not be the best option for the heirs. Entering into drawn out litigation proceedings will drain the resources of the estate. We hold the view that inheritance disputes should primarily be settled by mediating between the parties, where possible. Should the best interest of the client require us to proceed with court or arbitration proceedings, our team will be ready to employ effective strategies based on years of experience while remaining cost efficient for our clients. Our job is to anticipate the worst-case scenario and be prepared for it.


Alternative dispute resolution and particularly arbitration have become increasingly favoured option amongst local and multinational clients alike. We anticipate that this trend is set to continue increasing, now with increased confidence in the enforcement of local and international arbitral awards. Whether arbitrating in English or Arabic, appointed arbitrators, advocates or tribunal secretaries, our bilingual and seasoned arbitration team has diverse experience to draw upon in order to cater to our clients’ needs.