Estate Administration & Probate

We have experience assisting clients in obtaining Grants of Probate in the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions. We understand the complexity of dealing with an estate with assets in multiple jurisdictions. Our approach in such circumstances is to always deal with utmost scrutiny, delicacy, and swiftly to ensure protection from regulatory violations in the relevant jurisdiction. We do also realize the cost of delay on their heirs which in some occasions drives matters to become contentious. Therefore, we strive to maintain family harmony during such difficult times and help ensure a swift transition of ownership.

Families in Business

The vast majority of family-owned businesses do not survive beyond the first generation and only 1% of family businesses reach the third generation. We understand the challenges of running and maintaining privately held businesses.

Family owned businesses need to be provided with ongoing advice and rely on their lawyers’ legal expertise and pragmatism to assist in navigating an ever-changing economic landscape, bearing in mind the importance of understanding the family dynamics.

We have experience acting for high net worth Saudi families and their businesses. Whether it is looking after their corporate interests in the Kingdom or abroad, we are considered by our clients as trusted advisors and close family counsel.

Succession Planning

The continued level of involvement with our clients has helped us build significant experience in succession planning and corporate governance of family-owned conglomerates.

We understand that some of these topics tend to be sensitive and difficult for family members to address with the leadership of the family business, however, it has been our experience that the most successful family businesses embark on succession planning exercise during the lifetime of the patriarch or matriarch of the family.​

While we appreciate the hesitation that inherently exists when bringing up such a topic for consideration by the family, we are proud to say that we have assisted families with initiating the discussion for succession planning for the next generation.

Trophy Assets

Whether it is a hotel in London or a jet in Switzerland, we have assisted clients with the acquisition of high-profile assets across various sectors. We are proud to say that our team has experience concluding such acquisitions across multiple jurisdictions while coordinating with local counsel and tax advisors to ensure that all risks are properly assessed, and the optimum holding structure is put in place.


For today’s employers, managing a workforce requires complying with local labor and employment laws in the Kingdom and staying abreast of changing regulations. It also means developing strategies to retain high-potential employees, especially during reorganizations and downsizing. To achieve these objectives, it is essential for employers to stay up-to-date on the latest employment trends in areas such as workforce restructuring, reward programs, and the regulatory framework. ​

Our firm provides comprehensive advice on non-contentious labour issues, from drafting and reviewing employment agreements to corporate governance manuals, as well as advising on restructuring and downsizing plans. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to problem-solving.

Reputation Protection

Successful individuals and family businesses often become the target of negative media attention. Defamatory and false information can have a long-lasting detrimental impact on any individual or business. Should the need arise, we are ready to tackle such situations in a swift, sensitive and discrete manner in coordination with global experts in the field.