Mergers and Acquisitions

Our highly experienced team offers a unique mix of legal, practical, and market experience to all aspects of corporate structuring and restructuring. The team guides the clients through the complexities of corporate transactions and may assist at every stage, from inception through business planning, evaluation and implementation.​

Our mergers and acquisitions team advises on a range of complex transactions such as:

  • mergers and acquisitions in various sectors and with assets in multiple jurisdictions;
  • shareholders agreements and profit-sharing arrangements;
  • legal due diligence for transactions and audits; and
  • re-structuring of companies and setting up group structures.

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Having had experience assisting a number of local Saudi conglomerates with their corporate governance issues, we continue to advise clients on various governance issues that arise at shareholders’, board or executives’ level. We understand the compliance concerns for different types of corporate entities under the regulations and are able to advise accordingly. The Companies Regulations place a great deal of scrutiny and liability on board members.

Commercial Contracts and Joint Ventures

Our commercial team has vast experience in drafting and negotiating an array of commercial agreements in various sectors including professional services, hospitality, food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceuticals, aviation and energy sector. We understand the commercial arrangements that need to be put in place for joint ventures and are able to prepare the required legal documentation to reflect them.

Foreign Investment and Corporate Services

As a corporate law firm, we understand the concerns and risks of entering a new market. We have assisted numerous clients by providing them with advice on the most suitable corporate structure. We have also provided advice to international investors seeking to set up joint ventures in the Kingdom with local partners.​

Our team is experienced in setting up various types of companies and the regulatory requirements surrounding them. We often continue to provide ongoing advice for the foreign investors who we have assisted in obtaining investment licenses from the Ministry of Investment.


For today’s employers, managing a workforce requires complying with local labor and employment laws in the Kingdom and staying abreast of changing regulations. It also means developing strategies to retain high-potential employees, especially during reorganizations and downsizing. To achieve these objectives, it is essential for employers to stay up-to-date on the latest employment trends in areas such as workforce restructuring, reward programs, and the regulatory framework. ​

Our firm provides comprehensive advice on non-contentious labour issues, from drafting and reviewing employment agreements to corporate governance manuals, as well as advising on restructuring and downsizing plans. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to problem-solving.

Restructuring and Liquidation

As our clients’ go to legal advisors, we will always assist in assessing the viability of legal structures and any restructuring exercise required. We have had experience assisting clients with global restructuring while simultaneously coordinating with local counsel in multiple jurisdictions. ​

As the economy matures and our clients’ business models adapt, we understand that corporate structures will constantly need to be revised and tweaked for optimum performance. At times, this may involve winding up certain entities that are no longer viable. We understand that the importance of navigating through winding-up procedures efficiently to a swift conclusion.

Real Estate

Traditionally, a significant portion of the portfolio of many companies and individuals in the Kingdom has been in real estate. As the financial rules on lending develop into more complex and larger transactions, real estate properties are increasingly being utilized as a form of security on lending. We have provided advice to our clients in both the transactional and contentious aspects of this sector.​

Real Estate property comes under further scrutiny during succession planning and the administration of estates. As private wealth advisors to a number of families, we understand the complexity of land passing from one generation to the next. We assist our clients in understanding the legal risks and opportunities in their real estate portfolios as well as assisting in the set-up of the most appropriate legal structure to hold them.

Intellectual Property

The Kingdom is seeing a boom in the technology sector. We are pleased to say that our team members have been part of this and have assisted various technology companies in entering the market. Whether through agency agreements, joint venture agreements or acquisitions, and in each case, putting in place protections for their intellectual property rights.